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Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher

     Hey there! I am Lauren Mary Medlin, a third grade ELA and Social Studies teacher in the great state of North Carolina. I grew up in rural Connecticut and went to college in Cambridge, Massachusetts. If you're wondering how I ended up in NC, I was in a teaching fellowship program that brought me to my small town. What keeps me here are the friends and family I have made. My little family includes my dog Benny and my now husband Blake, we just got married in April 2018!

     Now, about the teacher in me. Let me make something clear. I am not a Pinterest perfect teacher, nor am I the tidiest of teachers. However, I am a real teacher, who loves her job, and kids a whole heck of a lot!

So why this website?

     My goal is to help other teachers by sharing experiences, products, and ideas. I am used to searching, borrowing, paying, for ideas, or things to improve my teaching. Now that I have whole four years* under my belt, I am enjoying making products and writing about my ideas, and thoughts, centered around my teaching experiences. And if I am lucky, maybe some of you will relate and enjoy!


Lauren Mary Medlin


*Note sarcasm, I know that 4 years is a minute in teacher time. But hey sharing these learning experiences as they happen must hold some I right?!

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