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Coming Back!

Hello Friends!

I know it has been a REALLY long time since I have added to the site. It has been a heck of a year and a half for my family and myself. But the highlights of what has kept me away:

1. My husband and I found out we were expecting our first baby this time last year! Pregnancy brain is a real thing so between teaching, working on my National Boards (more on that later), and preparing for our first child...it was a busy year!

2. We lost a beautiful soul, teacher, and friend. A dear friend of mine, who was one of the BEST teachers I have ever worked with, passed away after a long and hard battle with leukemia. I learned a great deal from Janie just by being around her contagious confidence, tenacity, and the pure love and dedication she felt towards her students. However, her story is not mine to tell. If you wish to learn more and support all of the amazing things her family are doing in her honor, click here.

3. We welcomed our sweet, beautiful, and just perfect baby boy into the world. I made it to the first day of school...and went into labor at 3-4 am the next morning. Oh the life of a teacher!

If you want to see plenty more pictures of our sweet Caden, follow me on Instagram!

4. As I mentioned above and as many of you already knew, I was working on my National Board Certification last year. It took up so much of my free time, especially being determined to finish all four components in one year. I doubted myself often and regretted trying to do all four at once. But, somehow and by the grace of god..I passed!!!

So What is Next?

Great question! I have been thinking a lot about this past year, what I have learned, what about my teaching will change, what will stay the same, and from all of these experiences, what would be the most helpful to share with all of you? This is what I am thinking:

-A Series of Nation Boards Blog Posts--1. General tips for success including getting organized, prepared, and support. 2. Tips for each component. 3. The biggest things I learned while completing my certification (because YES, this is a form of professional development and you will learn...well I will save this rant for the promised blog post).

-Getting your classroom and students back on track after maternity leave and how I will prepare differently for my next maternity leave (which is still very, very, far away).

-Update to my Differentiation 101 post! Because #realteachermoment what worked last year, won't always work the next year. I have a lot of new ideas for how to differentiate for the students I have this year and am excited to share those ideas with you all!

-Unit Planning 101! How I plan and implement thematic units that are still rigorous, engaging, and standards based instruction.

-No Time Lost! How to make the most of every minute you have with the students while still letting them be KIDS.

(and if none of my ideas peak your interest, DROP A COMMENT AND TELL ME, I want to hear from you!)

So again my friends, I am sorry for the long stretch of being MIA. BUT, I am really excited to get back to writing and sharing my experience as a teacher AND now a teacher mom.


Lauren Mary Medlin


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